Laura Roca. A l'ombra del temps

Des del dia 12/04/2024 fins el dia 19/05/2024
Laura Roca

Laura Roca presents, at the Museu del Càntir in Argentona, 
her most intimate work, secret territories where she goes in search of another reality beyond words

A l’ombra del temps

"Light and shadow are the two elements between which the work I have been making so far moves. Indestructible elements that, for me, are intimately linked to life itself and to the idea of the passage of time. Time seen from from two apparently opposite facets: on the one hand, from its fleeting aspect, in constant evolution, and on the other, from the permanence of the traces it leaves, in its imprints.

In the resulting works, sometimes the play of light, the constant instability of its variations - so similar to the permanent mobility of one's own existence - are present, while, at other times, the presence of prints dominates , of elements in tense immobility, as a symbol of everything that is kept in the folds of time.

The layers of paint, just like geological strata, show areas of shadow and light, which reflect the emotional substrate, the various superpositions of the "I". Each work therefore constitutes an intimate portrait, a kind of sentimental landscape."

Laura Roca

Interview with Laura Roca by: ENLLAÇ. El digital cultural