Xavier Masero. Continents

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Xavier Masero

Saturday, October 28 at 12 noon
Commented visit to the CONTINENTES exhibition and talk with its artist XAVIER MASERO

Xavier Masero is currently presenting the artistic installation CONTINENTS at the Museu del Càntir in Argentona and next Saturday, October 28, he will give us a talk to tell about it.

Xavier Massero will explain to us the reason for the shapes and drawings represented in the stoneware pieces suspended in this spectacular metal framework, made up of independent modules, and will tell us about the concerns that led him to create this work.

For millennia, the Mediterranean has been a way, knowledge and culture in perpetual miscegenation. In this installation, the artist Xavier Masero focuses his gaze on some discrete objects that for centuries modulated the exchange and explosion of Mediterranean culture, the amphoras, and claims a higher category for them: They are not mere vessels or containers without a soul, he tells us. the artist-. They became continents of wisdom, they nurtured a world.

With his reinterpretation of those primitive forms as an essential element, Masero creates a space where the vessels no longer need to contain anything because they are content in themselves, the quintessence of Mediterranean civilization. Transformed into mirrors of the waters they have crossed, the CONTINENTS rise up on a wall of wisdom to proudly tell us that their journey is our history.

The CONTINENTS sculpture-installation is made up of sixty pieces of refractory stoneware and porcelain fired at 1260°; whose turning was in charge of Montserrat Carafí.


Next to CONTINENTS is the TRÍPTIC DE LA COVA, three large works (paintings) that bring us closer to the artist's intimate imaginary and that complement the story and look at the depths of the oceans.