25 años Revistart

The arts magazine Revistart celebrates 25 years and exhibits, at the Museu del Càntir, works by renowned artists that have been on the cover of its magazines over the years, such as Will Faber, Tharrats, Cuixart, Guinovart, Grau- Garriga and August Puig, along with other guest artists


Erik Schmitz. Essència

Erik Schmitz Coll - Essència

Born in Germany and raised in the "Terres de Ponent", this young sculptor uses art as a means to communicate and express thoughts. He conceives creativity as an intuitive, subtle and suggestive path between the artist and the viewer-receiver.

He is interested in the concept but his priority is that the observer receives and identifies with the work. That is why the protagonists of his creations are the human and animal figure, vegetation, landscape and geography.

Marta Duran. Jardí Pintat

Marta Duran makes a song to life with her floating gardens