Good practices

Access with animals
You can not enter with animals in the museum, except guide dogs.

Photographs and recordings
You can take photos without flash and recordings in domestic format in the collection rooms. It is not so in temporary exhibition halls, unless otherwise indicated.

For press and other needs, please contact the Press Department at or, if you are already at the museum, with the information desk for authorization.

Using the mobile phone
Put the mobile phone in silence and keep a moderate voice volume.

The museum has Wi-Fi in the lobby and in the temporary exhibition hall

Food and drink
You can not enter food or drink in the rooms.

You can not run or scream around the rooms to avoid accidents and inconvenience to other visitors.

In order to protect and preserve the works it is not allowed to touch the objects.

In case of evacuation, the instructions of the museum staff must be followed.

Smoke-free space
The Càntir Museum is a smoke-free space. Smoking is not allowed in any building space.