Contemporary french ceramics. Artists of the Viviane S. Collection

01/07/2022 to 01/11/2022


Contemporary French ceramics is one of the most active and diverse in Europe, and is the cradle of some of the continent's greatest artists, such as Bernard Palissy (1510-1590), Ernest Chaplet (1835-1909), Auguste Delaherche (1857- 1940), Jean Carriès (1855-1894), Paul Beyer (1876-1945), Émile Decour (1876-1953), and Louise Delachenal (1897-1966). Fortunately, this rich creativity has continuity today with the seventeen authors that we present in this exhibition, among many others, within the extensive French creative panorama.

The main common link of all the authors present, beyond their work with clay, is that Viviane S. has brought them together in her collection of contemporary ceramics. Therefore, this exhibition should not be understood as an objective view of the current panorama of French ceramics, since it is filtered by the tastes and criteria of the collector, although it does help us to capture its current moment quite well.

France is a very close country, although often little known in some expressions of art, although it must be recognized that in the last 30 years cultural and artistic exchanges have increased considerably. However, more actions like this are necessary to continue advancing in the knowledge and mutual recognition of author ceramics from our countries and others from everywhere.