Marta Duran. Jardí Pintat

17/05/2019 to 30/06/2019
Marta Duran

Marta Duran makes a song to life with her floating gardens

Marta Duran studied biology and specialized in botany. That is why his knowledge of the landscape and the flowers goes beyond what is purely visual. It beats the energy of plant life but also the most intimate personal feelings that transmit. As he has achieved a good command of the pictorial technique his work has been liberated from the academic conventions and has been able to achieve a very personal language. Oil color and brush flow with intensity and a power that does not intend to describe reality or natural forms, but the very essence of the elements that, especially in gardens and forests, make it possible the wonder of natural life. Beyond the real referent, the pictorial work achieves full plastic autonomy. The joy of life, the wild beauty of colors and shapes emerges in the most free painting by Marta Duran.

Manuel Guerrero Brullet. La joie de vivre
Art critic and curator of exhibitions