How to get there

Take the C32 tollway from Barcelona north towards Mataro and then the Mataro Exit number 13. From here take the freeway, C-60 north and turn right at the first exit (Argentona).

Public transportation: By train from Barcelona to Mataro and from the train station to the Village of Argentona by bus (on weekdays and Saturdays there is a bus every half hour and on Sundays every hour)

Argentona, just 30 Km from Barcelona (about 35 minutes by car) by way of the C32 toll way (exit Granollers) and then c-60 (exit Argentona).

Museu del Càntir
Plaça de l'Església, 9
08310 Argentona (Barcelona) Spain

Museum telephone: 93 797 21 52
Office telephone: 93 797 27 32
Office fax: 93 797 08 00

The museum staff

Director: Oriol Calvo.
Public attendant, shop and administrative: Cristina Villa.
Communication and marketing: Fina Carreras.
Public attendant: Joan Eixarch.

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