Eva Roučka. Records de la Xina

Eva Roučka is a multifaceted visual artist. Her work is mostly figurative, her typical works are monumental sculptures that draw attention to human weaknesses and vices in exaggeration. In small sculptures and drawings she notes and reacts attentively to the impressions of her travels.

Francesca Poza. "Esa maraña invisible que es la NADA"

Francesca Poza presents, at the Museu del Càntir d'Argentona,
an exhibition where fabrics are intertwined with words forming poetic works of great delicacy

"My work is always the fruit of a double movement, which advances outwards and inwards simultaneously. The action that gives shape to the work also corresponds to a modification of the intimate space, in such a way that the external and internal space are mutually reflected. From this uninterrupted dialogue its hybrid nature is born.

Miquel Arnau. Locus et Lucus

This month of March we are presenting at the Museu del Càntir in Argentona the pictorial work of the local artist Miquel Arnau.

30+2 anys de l'Escola Taller de Ceràmica d'Argentona

To celebrate the 30 + 2 years of the Argentona Ceramics Workshop School we present a collective exhibition with the latest works of its students 

De l'Òxid a la Forma. Gravats de Cecilia Morales

Opening on September 23 at 7:00 p.m.

"The graphic work, from almost all its variants, is always assumed as a serial work and for this reason, its artistic value is often underestimated. I consider that a large part of the richness of the work is in the creative process that entails its realization.

Amor Estadella. Fluid infinit

The Museu del Càntir presents the Amor Estadella clothing collection, authentic works of art that go beyond simple costumes.

Didier Lourenço entre tintes

Museu del Càntir of Argentona presents an exhibition of the artist Didier Lourenço, with his intimate and imaginative lithographs based on the human being and his emotions, where textures and colors stand out

Rogeli Vilaplana. Arquitectures

This April we have the opportunity to see in the temporary exhibition room of the Museu del Càntir de Argentona a good collection of paintings by the Barcelona artist Rogeli Vilaplana

Rogeli Vilaplana was born in Barcelona in 1961.

Passió pel vidre. 100 anys de Cristalleries de Mataró, una cooperativa singular

We present you a small sample of the artisan glass from the Mataró glass oven, Cristalleries Societat Cooperativa. Pieces made by professional glaziers in the glass industry who basically made light bulbs and thermometers, but who were also amateurs as artisans. From the beginning of the cooperative, by tradition and moved by their passion for glass, the holidays were going to make crafts, with traditional tools, passed from generation to generation, doing an unpaid day to give life to your creativity.

Marta Duran. Jardí Pintat

Marta Duran makes a song to life with her floating gardens