Argillà Argentona - International ceramics fair




Until March 31, the application period is open for new participants to participate in Argillà Argentona 2022 - International Ceramics Fair

The Museu del Càntir and the City Council of Argentona are preparing to celebrate next July 1, 2 and 3 a new edition of ARGILLÀ ARGENTONA - INTERNATIONAL CERAMICS FAIR.

The Argentona fair is twinned with the other "Argillà" fairs that are held in Aubagne (France) and Faenza (Italy), so participants in these two fairs have priority to participate in the Argentona fair.

The fair's hours will be Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (with a break from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.), through the central streets of the town, with traditional clay demonstrations, wheel and rakú workshops , a ceramic film exhibition, contemporary ceramic exhibitions, mud treading and others.

The new participants selected to participate will also become part of the Argillà Argentona Virtual Fair from the website where each potter can offer their products permanently. Once the application is accepted, the participant will receive information on the texts and graphic documentation necessary for the web. The Museu del Càntir premiered in 2020 Argillà Argentona – Virtual Ceramics Fair, a space where a large part of the activities of the face-to-face fair that we celebrate annually through the streets of Argentona take place online. A large number of exhibitors who attend the fair every year are represented on the website:, with their ceramic offer, as well as videos showing different aspects of the potter's trade filmed expressly for the occasion, such as a firing with the rakú technique, or demonstrations of traditional pottery by the potter Josep Matés, a virtual visit to the museum and other activities that we will be adding year after year.

The prices of the fair are the same as in the last edition (which have been reduced considerably):

•stand of 3 x 2 m = 100 Euros + 17 € (municipal tax)

•6 x 2 m stand = 200 Euros + 34 € (municipal tax)

The price of the fair includes: •1 parasol or folding tent of 3 x 2m. + 1 table of 2.5 x 1m. + 1 gate for each 3 m stop (2 gates at 6 m stops), according to the demand of each participant.

The price does NOT include tent or electrical connection. These elements can be hired separately on the registration form, according to these prices:

•Metal tent with vegetable cover of 3 x 2m = 50 Euros (includes assembly in the assigned site)

•Electrical connection = 25 Euros (only for participants wearing electrified parts)

Whoever wishes can bring their own tent or stop structure, within the contracted space (maximum 3 meters deep).

Lodging: Each participant must resolve the lodging on their own, although there is the possibility of lodging at an affordable price in private houses in Argentona. A list of hotels and other accommodations that have agreed a special price for the participants in the fair will be sent to those registered.

Lunch: The organization will have a dining room with lunch for the participants at an affordable price.

Registration and payment procedure: The new ceramists and potters who want to take part must send to the Museu del Càntir, the organizing entity, a registration form through the following link (click this link), 6 images of their work, 1 image of the sale and professional CV, BEFORE MARCH 31. Applications will be evaluated by the fair's organizing committee. The acceptance or not of the submitted applications will be notified by email. Payment will be made as soon as you receive the settlement document (if your request has been accepted) and in no case later than May 30. Participants who have not made the payment on that date will be discarded for this edition.