Diada de la Flor - L'Ou com balla a la font
4 al 6 de Junio 2022

4 al 6 de Junio
Jornadas de puertas abiertas al museo, donde se podrá visitar el Tradicional "Ou com balla" en la fuente del patio.

HORARIO los tres dias:
De 11 h a 14 h y de 17 h a 20 h

Colabora: Ajuntament d'Argentona

Diada de la Flor - L'Ou com balla a la font
4 al 6 de juny 2022

4 al 6 de juny
Jornades de portes obertes al museu on es podrà visitar el tradicional Ou com balla a la font del pati

HORARI dels tres dies:
D’11 h a 14 h i de 17 h a 20 h
Col·labora: Ajuntament d'Argentona

Poster exhibition of the 42nd Argillà Argentona Poster Contest 2022

Virtual exhibition of the posters of the 42nd Argillà Argentona Poster Contest 2022 - International Ceramics Fair

You can see the exhibition of ALL POSTERS


A very Mediterranean poster will be the poster for this year's International Ceramics Fair - Argillà Argentona



Laura Roca. A l'ombra del temps

Laura Roca presents, at the Museu del Càntir in Argentona, her most intimate work, secret territories where she

International Museum Day 2024

Open days at the Museu del Càntir where you can visit for free: Permanent exhibition of the museum + Espai Picasso.

Museum Night 2024

Talk - Concert by Carola Ortiz on the occasion of her recent album "Cantareras". The Singer-songwriter will tell us

Hello Ceramics - Open days at the Càntir Museum

OPEN DOOR DAYS TO THE CÀNTIR MUSEUM On the occasion of HOLA CERÁMICA, an activity to promote ceramics in the

Hello Ceramics - Children's workshop: Little fingers, expert hands: turn your vase

CHILDREN'S ACTIVITY: TURN YOUR VASE Children's activity for families in which the children can make their own vase in

Ramon Llinés. Fugint de què i cap a on? Gravats

"Impressed by the news and images that arrived about boats adrift seeking refuge, I began to graphically express what I


The jug from 2022 is the work of the designer Nani Marqina :"I have a great respect for popular craftsmanship; that’s why redesigning a “càntir” (a traditional water jug) has been a challenge for me. Craftsmanship is functionality, simplicity and, at the same time, aesthetics; a sign of sincerity."
Measurements: 20 x 15 cm
Numbered edition to 5,000 copies
Price: 25 Euros
Available in the shop



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