Jordi Marcet i Rosa Vila-Abadal. Cal·ligrafia puntual

05/07/2019 to 08/09/2019
Toni Anguera

This exhibition is a reflection, a synthesis between geometric structures (body) and letters, numbers and points (skin) that are transformed into a repetitive language, based on a multitude of elements with volume and elements written on the white surface of the stoneware or porcelain , in which a pattern that repeats simultaneously proliferates, but each piece is different, offering a visually abstract language and at the same time a descriptive reading.

For the first time, we have started triangular forms in our language, we have broken them up by leaving triangulation at the service of letters and numbers and at the same time filling them with small calligraphies or colored stripes, which help to define more the shapes of the sculptures. We also wanted to continue with the circular pieces, more typical of our expression and keep the points as a reiterative element.

The process of creating our work is the result of teamwork of both. Our work methodology is: two thoughts, more communication, more debate and the result is the four-hand materialization of each work.

We try that our works invite to the contemplation and the reflection, so that the spectator can find, in the ceramics, a language in the contemporary art.

Jordi Marcet i Rosa Vila-Abadal