Ceramic film festival 2018

During 7th and 8th July 2018 - International pottery fair - Argillà Argentona

The Ceramic Film Festival is held annually within the framework of the International Ceramic Fair - Argillà Argentona

It is a sample that has been confirmed, year after year, as one of the biggest attractions of the Fair, achieving a large number of audiences in its sessions.

The exhibition is held in the screening room of the Parish Center of Argentona and has a single session every day at 4:00 pm, with debates among attendees and specialists in the subject.

The Museu del Càntir de Argentona is a pioneer and unique in the edition of a film exhibition dedicated exclusively to ceramics, with a catalog of more than 200 ceramic-themed films from around the world and a video library of approximately one hundred titles.


Two film sessions where two films about Ceramics Masters, one from the West, the Valencian ceramist Enric Mestre, and two potters from the East, Zeng Li and Zeng Peng brothers, from the Chinese city of Shiwan will be screened.

Both films have been produced by the artist and filmmaker Tan Hongyu


Session dedicated to the ceramic of Enric Mestre

Title: Days and Years of Enric Mestre / Els dies i els anys d'Enric Mestre / Los dias y los años de Enric Mestre
Year: 2018
Direction / Production / Photography: Tan Hongyu
Duration: 90 min.
World Premieres

Session dedicated to China

Title: SHIFU. Awarded at the 8th International Film Festival on Crafts in Paris
Year: 2018
Direction / Production / Photography: Tan Hongyu
Duration: 62 min.