Memoria Museu del Càntir 2022

Memoria de las principales actuaciones realizadas en el museo durante el año 2022.

Memòria Museu del Càntir 2022

Memòria de les principals actuacions realitzades al museu durant l'any 2022.



Eva Roučka. Records de la Xina

Eva Roučka is a multifaceted visual artist. Her work is mostly figurative, her typical works are monumental sculptures

Water Jug Festival "Festa del Càntir"

WATER JUG FESTIVAL - August 4th, Saint Dominic Day The Grand Summer Festival in the village of Argentona,

Pep Gómez. Orígens

Pep Gómez's pieces are of a protest nature and at the same time a reminder of his origins. A free gesture Pep Gómez is

Nuri Negre. Llum i Foscor

NURI NEGRE. LIGHT AND DARKNESS The collection of pieces presented portray the hatching process with a sense of

Argillà Argentona - International ceramics festival INTERNATIONAL CERAMICS FESTIVAL 5, 6 and 7 JULY ALL THE INFORMATION IN WEB

Diada de la Flor - L'Ou com balla a la font

June 1 and 2 Open days at the museum where you can visit the traditional Dancing Egg in the courtyard fountain SCHEDULE

Water Jug'24

Water jug year 2024 - Design Javier Mariscal
“The Càntir (water jug) is a refrigerator without batteries. It is an invention that is several thousand years old. It is portable and can be refilled; it is fragile and if handled carelessly it will break; it is shared with friends and, above all, it is humble, almost anonymous. In the summer heat, it sweats water like you. In the shade of a fig tree, the cool water from it is a jewel".

Sizes: 20 x 15 cm
Numbered copies: 5.000 exemplars
Price: 30 Euros
Available in store



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