Montserrat Viaplana. Diàlegs

13/09/2019 to 03/11/2019
Montserrat Viaplana


In each new exhibition of Montserrat Viaplana we discover changes in its aesthetic approaches. It is not about strident or groundbreaking changes, but rather they are light and subtle with the discretion that characterizes both as an artist and as a person.

His is a work where the color and form stand out equally - or not form - where over time he has incorporated shades that allow him to enter a world where imagination is essential, resulting in a series of paintings plastically suggestive and attractive that denote their interest in exploring unpublished routes, not only from a chromatic perspective, but also gestural. That is why abstract expressionism, which emerged in the middle of the last century, remains today a reference for many artists.

Montserrat Viaplana has found its place in contemporary painting for years, a circumstance that not everyone achieves, and that is why we must congratulate ourselves as a persevering artist in search of new ways of expressing herself - she does it through expressionism- and of a reality that only she herself knows -the abstraction- and therefore we have to be the spectators who discover what the colors and the gestures located in each of her paintings mean


Ramon Casalé Soler 
International Art Critics Association