Julio César Ortega

17/11/2023 to 07/01/2024
Julio César


Julio César Ortega. Bitumen, Geometria Casual: de la Pintura al Tetradimensional.

We present an innovative exhibition by the artist Julio César Ortega at the Museu del Càntir. We will see how the artist creates works, of a high artistic level, from a material not normally used in art, such as Bitumen or asphalt.

Bitumen or asphalt, as a road and traffic territory, becomes a dynamic and changing space. The large transportation systems and communication networks that cross the city, create and recreate in these everyday skins, numerous geometries, registers through which information travels in the form of energy, keeping the city cohesive as a large communication network that fluctuates and changes. constantly transforms.

Asphalt is a fragile landscape of casual, ephemeral and expired geometries due to the influence of time and chemical and physical forces, erosion, climate and the constant use of urban dynamics. A starting point when starting my experience and creative project, which marks each and every one of the works that I present, at the Museu del Càntir de Argentona, a visual and plastic recurring through the material in my pictorial work and sculpture, where the codes of the digital environment are also visualized as sign and meaning in my work.

Asphalt geometry motivates me as a plastic and visual observer in a journey that cannot remain in its beginnings only in a flat and pictorial support but rather evolves towards new rhetorics, constructive moldings that dress in sculptural disguise and materials that are more than three-dimensional. four-dimensional therefore to the height, breadth and depth, adding the dimension of time. The same as from a dual nature, matter sometimes degenerates. In others, as others create it. Construction – destruction. Axiom of life.