Jordi Egea Torrent. Síntesi. Llum, aigües sedoses i cels en moviment

10/01/2020 to 23/02/2020
Jordi Egea Torrent

The Argentona photographer, through his long exposure photographs, shows us his personal and emotional universe.

20 years ago in the analogue stage, I decided to reflect the social context where I reside, photographing the faces of men and women in my environment, with the aim of describing my small town through their humanity. Real beings of a small town that in themselves express the strength of the Universe. An attempt to configure, from his images, an ethical and aesthetic discourse with which I identify culturally, I feel comfortable, images that show the look of complicity between the photographer and the subject. An exercise of photographing characters that are close to me, from my geographical and mood environment. It was like a symbolic mirror that reflected my emotions and my reality. The project materialized in the form of a traveling exhibition in several countries and the edition of a book entitled "Retrats, Gent del Poble, Argentona".

The digital stage was an important and lasting parenthesis in my work. For a long time I lost myself to the new technological discourse and began a long learning until I found, again, the path previously started in the portrait, although with different tools. In the new digital stage, the Zone System is still present to articulate a black and white rich in nuances. And if in the portrait I looked for complicity in the look, in nature photography I found the emotion in a new technique of neutral density filters due to the long exposure, evolving more and more towards a minimalist aesthetic discourse.

With landscape photography I want to convulse movement and calm. Set up a space of opposing elements, the dynamism of the moving clouds, the silkyness of the water and minimalist elements that are protagonists of a visual impact. I want to show elements that seduce and build a personal geometry. For these reasons I work the landscapes with neutral density filters. I do not seek objective fidelity, I prefer to build and transmit my subjective reality. We live in a reality of color, transforming this reality into black and white images is what distances me most from this objectivity and allows me to build a different, personal and creative aesthetic discourse.

Long exposure photography configures a quiet dialogue with the environment, which embraces and immerses you slowly, in a universe of light and shadow. At dusk, the inexorability of time is transforming the environment, in a relaxed way the lights languish, the reflections increase and the grays transform almost imperceptibly into gloom. A photograph that is built more on time than on light. A silence that emanates from the photos, is the necessary silence in which the photographer puts himself in peace and contemplates around him. This symbiosis of lights and shadows, configure my personal photographic challenge, almost a dialectical process to find when and where the magic appears, that moment in which the image I imagine is conjugated with the image of the retina. Thus ends the search for the precise moment, which over time I have discovered that exists and invites me to wait and share.

Beauty is a destiny of truth, to find truth in beauty is to build an aesthetic. The long exposure landscapes are a photography sought, meditated and worked to show a personal universe, a fantasy.

Jordi Egea i Torrent.