Heitor Figueiredo. Contentores e contenores

05/07/2019 to 21/07/2019

After receiving the invitation to exhibit at the Museu del Càntir, I began to reflect on what works it could take to have a connection with the museum.

Since the "càntir" is nothing more than a container of water, I thought of choosing those pieces of mine that were related to storage, whether for liquids, food or other things, such as feelings, emotions and even money.

The set of pieces in this exhibition is the result of this selection. Obviously they could store food or water if this was my intention, but no, they are more for keeping other things, such as emotions and feelings.

Thank you for your invitation, and I hope the sample is of your liking, otherwise, we will have to do another one. Thank you.

Heitor Figueiredo