Guinovart Matèric. Obres de la Col·lecció Bassat

09/11/2018 to 05/01/2019
Col·lecció Bassat

“Guinovart is one of the artists I admire more deeply. I met him personally in 1973 and we were friends until his death.

Like all the great artists, Guinovart explored different ways, one of them the matter, reason for the exhibition in the Museum of the Càntir d'Argentona. Núria Poch, director of the Mataró Contemporary Art Museum Consortium, has chosen precisely this aspect of the work of Guinovart in our collection, for the relation that has the matter of some of the paintings with Guinovart and the years he was in Agramunt. They are very special pieces that we try to move little due to their fragility, but this time is completely justified.

I want to draw attention to a piece made by Guinovart to return from a trip to Algeria in 1976, from where he was impressed by the use of mud in all types of constructions, material that he masterfully used in some of his works

I hope you like this small but chosen exhibition.”

Lluís Bassat