Catherine Lorton. Consciència onírica

05/11/2021 to 09/01/2022
Catherine Lorton

The artist Catherine Lorton presents her latest unpublished engravings at the Museu del Càntir de Argentona

Catherine Lorton uses the technique of engraving and abstraction as a language to explain her perception of reality. The exhibition also has a selection of hand-illuminated engravings, unique pieces with a great chromatic aesthetic.

Conciencia onírica
Human perception is a subjective process. Objective reality is external to us and its perception is the subjective construction that each person makes of it.

This exhibition talks about the abstract aspects of my perception of reality, the one that lacks logic, the one that does not have a temporal-spatial structure, the one that does not have indicators that allow us to distinguish between past, present and future. The materialization of the imaginary worlds and of the poetry of the lived times is the transformation of a real element to the "imaginarium". In the perfection of ideas I look for the essence and in its materialization I find infinite creative possibilities that respond to the world of the sensible. This path of abstraction is the human experience lying in the Collective Unconscious accumulated through the times by our ancestors. From there arise from rock art, symbols and signs, abstract thoughts that the first man or woman represented in sacred places. This plastic communication of the intangible more than 13,000 years ago is like a relay race and I take the baton.

The consciousness of dreams hides in the depths of the human being.
Catherine Lorton

Biographical profile of the artist

Enters the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona / 1987

Higher Degree in Sculpture and Artistic Ceramics at the Pau Gargallo School of Art and Design in Badalona / 2014

Join the Col·lecció BASSAT Art Contemporani de Catalunya / 2021

Finalist of the 8th Prize for Painting of Fundació Vila Casas, Barcelona 2019

Final project / Lost voices / Finalist in the 4th edition of the Josep Albert Mestre Award, La Llotja 2015

Selected for / Places Balsalobre, Future excel·lent de la Generalitat de Catalunya / on behalf of the Pau Gargallo School of Art in the category of Sculpture and Artistic Ceramics / 2014