Poster exhibition of the 42nd Argillà Argentona Poster Contest 2022

De del dia 07/05/2022 hasta el dia 06/06/2022
Winner poster - Gemma Jiménez

Virtual exhibition of the posters of the 42nd Argillà Argentona Poster Contest 2022 - International Ceramics Fair

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A very Mediterranean poster will be the poster for this year's International Ceramics Fair - Argillà Argentona

GEMMA JIMÉNEZ is the winner of this edition and her poster is the combination of her two hobbies, ceramics and watercolor. With this poster she wanted to show the fresh, Mediterranean colors and shapes that she works when she models clay. Gemma has studies of Fine Arts.

As the members of the Qualifying Jury have expressed, it is a fresh, honest poster, where the watercolor technique gives it a touch of craftsmanship, it is poetic. It is a poster that says what it should say, communicates well.

The jury has also awarded two honorable mentions to the posters:
MARCELINO, by Xavier Rosales Ico
ARGENTONA COMPETITION 2022, by Blanca Hernández Baca

The winning poster will be the advertising poster and the graphic image of the Argillà Argentona Ceramics Fair on July 1, 2 and 3, 2022.

The poster will be permanently displayed in the space that the museum has set up in the entrance hall, together with the winning posters from previous editions. The jury's decision has also been made public through the museum's website and social networks (facebook, twitter and instagram).

This year a total of 65 posters have been presented.

The qualifying jury for this edition was made up of the artist and graphic designer Pere Fradera Barceló, the multimedia designer and producer Jordi Aliberas Pavón and the winner of the 2020 edition poster and graphic designer Cinta Fosch Pérez.